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Are you looking for more hours in the day?
For more positivity?

Do you identify as a high achiever? a type-A? A perfectionist?

Do you struggle to prioritise YOU?

Do you need permission to rest?

Are you always telling yourself you should be (insert many versions of self judgement here)?

Do you struggle to see the best in yourself? To identify your strengths?

Would you like to be more optimistic?

I can support you to make you a priority, to set goals, to become the version of yourself You keep promising yourself you will be. 

I help busy people to re-prioritise their wellbeing & themselves by showing them they matter, by helping them create intention & purposeful living.

Noarlunga South Australia

Intentional Pathways; Conscious Living

Self Care, Wellbeing, Trauma-Informed, Holistic Wisdom.

Are you ready to start prioritising yourself, your passions, your journey? 

To Nourish yourself & be the center of your life?

All journeys start with just one first step & I am so glad you have found your way here. To be vulnerable is to be brave.

You will enjoy:

A Safe Space

Individualised Intuitive Sessions 

Goal Setting

Purpose Discovery

A Cheerleader

Lived Experience

A Fresh Look at Habits

Guided Self Reflection

Intentional Participation in your own life

Increased bravery & self-advocacy

I also offer:

Evidence based Self-care planning

Burn-out resilience workshops

Retreats & Workshops

Small Yin & Meditation Classes

Trauma Informed Individual Sessions

Grief & Loss Support

Career & Education Guidance

Corporate Wellness & Self-care Programs

Corporate Yoga

Individual & Group Clinical Social Work Supervision

Individual Sessions & Small Groups for Safe Vicarious Trauma, Burn Out & Compassion Fatigue Healing & Discussion.

Aerial View of Surfers

Western Mind, Eastern Heart

Evidence based approaches with spiritual practices

I have been working with people since I started my working life, I, like many people, began in customer service & hospitality, making my way to being a parent & back to university to become a social worker & more recently gathering additional qualifications of Yoga, Philosophy, Meditation & Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Grief & loss, that add value & synchronize with the whole journey so far.

I have come to realise that the best part of what I offer to others is in fact my experience, the wisdom gained from the whole of the process, that this is actually greater than the sum of the individual parts. My lived experience of chronic pain & illness, the raising of a teenagers, the single mum journey, what I learned as a social worker & educator from some extraordinary humans managing within some really tough systems & holding space for them to find their way. What I have learned about myself while supporting others, while  attempting to  find my purpose & keep my head above water.

I have also come to realise that the way to find happiness & balance is not a simple one. Many of us seem to be living unintentionally, just stepping through life without connection to our purpose. It is winding, treacherous & scattered with both heartbreaking lows & exhilarating high leaving us unable to be aware enough to notice the in-between. That contentment is actually not at all possible without self-awareness, self-respect & some pretty decent boundaries.

I would love to take what I know, what I’ve learned, my therapeutic & holistic skills & to support women to shine in the way I often hear them say they wished they could, like I know they can! I know I can support you to build bravery, joy & Help you see that you deserve to be nourished & valued.


"Cup Filled this weekend, sitting in a circle with some amazing women, making crystal bowls sing. Thank you @Alisonintheuniverse for bringing us together & I can't wait to play with my set more"


Tea Tree Gully


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