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My Services

As a qualified Social Worker, Clinical Supervisor, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher & Skilled Group Facilitator I am pleased to be able to offer a range of modalities to suit a range of personal & corporate needs. 

Due to the wide variety of skills I have I may not have what you are looking for listed here, If I have not listed what you require then please send me a message and we can discuss something individually tailored to your needs.

Walk on the Beach

Grief and Loss Support

Online or telephone

Grief and loss can be overwhelming and strike without warning. I offer online counseling 3 days a week and can be booked at a time that suits you. You might to choose to book this when you can be in a safe place, a familiar place with someone to support you or perhaps individually. The benefit of offering an online service is that our session can fit around your current circumstances, often our lives cannot completely stop to process our grief. 

These sessions may be booked for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed either with current or historical grief. You may need a single chat or ongoing support, we can work out your needs together.

Book online on the bookings page or email me using the button below

Sitting on a Van

Adolescent Coaching and Support

An Individual Approach

With years of experience as a specialised youth & families social worker with young people I am pleased to be able to offer a range of support for teens and young adults. I am able to support with education & career, mental health, relationships & family dynamics.
These sessions are online and as such fit with the ever changing lives of young people. This also means not needing to attend counseling rooms and meeting in a space that they/you are comfortable with.
During our sessions, we’ll map your needs to come up with a program that works for you/them; this might mean a few sessions to work on motivation & goals or it may mean we take the time to plan some therapeutic interventions.
Book online on the bookings page or send me an email for further information.

Holding Hands

Mindful Life Development

Intentional Living Coach

I have a unique approach to the very popular coaching & mentor supports being offered in current times. I come with a wealth of experience both evidence based & spiritual in nature. I have worked long & hard to navigate this really tricky space between social work & wellness & I think I have cracked the code (so to speak, there is no actual code).

I bring my academic & practice history & experience as a social worker with families & young people & blend this with the yoga philosophy & eastern approaches that have always felt like home to me. 

As a result I can offer some really individualised & specialised services, intrigued? Lets chat!

Corporate/Group Yoga

Corporate/Group Yoga

At Your Convenience
4-12 Participants

Small group yoga is such a wonderful way to boost the wellbeing of your team & the overall sense of fun & belonging in a workplace.

My group Yoga sessions are designed for all skill levels & focus more just on moving & connecting the breath & the body with the mind.

I provide all of the necessary equipment & I come to you! I can also arrange a suitable location if necessary.

Lets chat!

Group Discussion

Group Supervision

social work, human services, multi-D.
one off or regular sessions

Group supervision can be extremely beneficial in workplaces that work closely with trauma to alleviate vicarious trauma & the impacts this can have on staff & the organisation.

Whether it is to strengthen your team in the face of compassion fatigue & burn out or to workshop reflective practice around a significant incident guided professional supervision is an important part of practice.

I offer evidence based, supportive, structured, confidential & ethically guided reflective supervision.

Get in Touch
Would you like to support your staff & colleagues with better tools & strategies to manage

Business Wellbeing Consultancy

Support your employees by encouraging self-care strategies and burnout awareness.

I specialise in wellbeing and self-care education, awareness and support.

I have post-graduate studies in Positive Psychology as well as evidence based social work skills that have proven especially successful in reducing burnout and increasing awareness of triggers. These skills along with my group facilitation expertise ensure I can adapt the learning to suit a diverse range of businesses.

I have a wide selection of ready made programs from half day to full week engagements. I can offer team building days and retreats, I am also keen to create bespoke services to suit the individual approaches and culture of your staff and services.

Contact me to discuss and lets see how we can improve the wellbeing of your workforce starting today.

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