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Why is Burn-out Resilience so Important?

I have created a little slide show to get some details about the burn-out resilience workshops & sessions out there. The more I run these programs & discuss this prevalent issue with people the more I am reminded about how important knowledge is in terms of power. The better we know the better we do. Our own education & awareness does not just support our own wellbeing but it impacts those around us, if we are role modelling an interest in, respect for & priority toward self-care, wellbeing & evidence based practice then we are potentially helping others as well.

This slide show includes some feedback from clients & a recent workshop. This strengthens my resolve to get this program out to more people & I hope that with your help & recommendations & referrals I can do this, that we can do this together!

I am sure we all could have more conversations with colleagues, family, friends & our managers about the importance of this & when you do please think of me, think of how what I am doing could support your wellbeing & that of those around you.

I am looking to be able to tailer this program further with mini workshops, online options & reach out to industry that traditionally doesn't have as big a focus on boundaries, resilience & self-care. Last week I had attendees from Nursing, The veterinary field, project management, social work & support work, lets see how creative we can get with rolling this out for everyone, yesterday I spoke with a yogi friend who also thinks we yoga teachers could do with some skills around boundaries & evidence based self-care alternatives that often get overlooked in the wellness industry.

Do you have any thoughts? any questions? please feel free to contact me & lets chat about how I can help/support you to improve & encourage Burn-out, resilience & self-care discussions in your circles.


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