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New Wellbeing, Self-care & Burn Out program Launch

I have had quite a lot of interest in wellbeing & self care from people messaging the page & my instagram recently, wondering if this is also available to professionals, suitable for mums, retirees?

The simple answer is ABSOLUTELY it is, in fact I would argue that everyone, every career, every lifestyle could do with a more intentional focus on wellbeing & self-care. I am a social worker, yes, this is true, I am also a yogi & a mindfulness coach, I also have had the opportunity to work alongside numerous other disciplines, practices, diverse age ranges and stages of life, throughout this there is one thing that is always constant & that is the lack of attention we pay to ourselves, our health, boundaries & wellbeing.

What is also constant is that we don't pay this attention until our bodies and lives are screaming at us to pay attention.

I think what complicates things & holds people back is that there is no quick fix. There is no promise that 'this' service, option, class, workshop, counsellor will be 'the one', that magic bullet that will fix/heal everything. If someone is telling you that what they have to offer does this.......... run, dont walk, in the opposite direction! Seriously I struggle a lot with the wellbeing industry for this reason & I struggle to back myself sometimes because I don't want to over promise or disappoint people, particularly when at the end of the day it will be you who has to step up & step IN to the work & yourself.

Anyway this is a long way around to tell you about the new package I am offering as a result of the reflection upon self-care and its often misunderstood importance in the hopes I can demystify and simplify it for you, to offer a bespoke, individual action plan tailored to you, your needs, career, family, ability & desires. As with everything I do it is backed by evidence both Eastern & Western traditions & approaches. A holistic blend of goodness & some intuition thrown in for good measure.

If you have been saying 'I really need to start prioritising my needs' or 'Why am I always exhausted/cranky/anxious?' or 'I want to take a different road, put myself first & learn how to set boundaries' then this is for you!

I am offering an accountability pack of 3 45 minute sessions to kick you off for $150. This may be all you need to kick start but I will be here cheering you on for as long as you might need.

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