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Accountability & Routine, anyone?

I have been going through a progression in my private practice & noticed some familiar habits from you guys. I thought I would write about them. The first is about sessions planning & bookings, packages & memberships.

I have been offering a membership now for just over 12 months & although my thought behind this offer was because it works out the best value & means you are more likely to protect your monthly hour, its not the 'go to' for most of you.

Most of you gravitate toward the 3 or 5 session passes. I have had a number of discussions with you & although you all want accountability to yourself & your time with me & the safety net of regularity with your sessions there is stalling when shifting to a model of accountability & routine........... So it got me wondering, Why is this?

The membership is better value & you get a session per month, it ticks all the boxes, so whats holding you back? I had always heard a familiar lament (& experienced it myself as a social worker) that clinical supervision, coaching & professional support was unaffordable, too expensive, time consuming & difficult to access in terms of appointments. I put together the membership plan in the hopes of ensuring accessibility & overcoming these big hurdles to access.

  • I have online appointments to assist with the busy lives we all lead

  • an open diary with months to book ahead

  • I am really flexible with booking changes & outside of hours consults as necessary.

  • flat rate of $100 (+surcharge 2.9%) when regular sessions are $150/hr

I created this because I am passionate about reaching you, about ensuring professional & ethical practice, about supporting you to achieve compassion satisfaction & your goals, & hope that you feel seen & heard. These are some of my values with private practice & so important to me to offer a diverse way to access services & a safe place to bring all things to.

I think we all recognise the need for commitment & the benefits it bring but perhaps struggle to make the time, fear we will fail, maybe? I wonder if it is like the gym where if you have the membership you end up feeling beholden to attending, like a chore rather than enjoying it? or is that just me? hahahaha

It is true that we must put in the effort to reap the rewards. Many of you buy session packages or have work places who fund your supervision (which we should see a LOT more of to be honest) which is SO great & I appreciate the trust & commitment in these instances as well. I am just super curious, as always its the critical thinker in me, about the reasons we make decisions, i wonder if you have even thought about what underpins this decision for you? Are there other decisions in your life like this one where on paper its a no brainer but you just cant or wont proceed in that direction?

Keen to hear your thoughts & musings on this, in supervision or shoot me a message :)

In the meantime take care, take a deep breath in through your nose, relax your shoulders & sigh it out through your mouth.


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