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Burn-out Resilience Online evening PD

Burn-out Resilience Online evening PD


“we burn out not because we don’t care but because we don’t grieve. We burn out because we have allowed our hearts to become so filled with loss that we have no room left to care” Naomi Rachel Remen (Kitchen table wisdom)


When: 16th May  2024 6-8pm & 30th May 6-8pm

Where: Online via video link



This program borrows content with permission from various sources & includes a personalised & evidence based self care plan & support strategies for long term application as well as knowledge & techniques to ensure you continue to develop and monitor your self-care ongoing. 


You will learn about burn-out, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma & moral distress, how to identify them & their distinct differences. You will complete questionnaires designed to highlight your current circumstances & level of risk. You will be asked to consider questions & journal prompts for 'homework' between sessions & link these to your professional practice experientially. There will be a private group created to connect with others who have completed the program to ensure ongoing support, wellbeing & accountability.


This program is designed to offer insight into your own personal situation & circumstance, this is highly recommended for those who work in a field that is most likely to encounter trauma & vicarious trauma, those on the helping professions, suitable for social workers, nurses, counsellors, ambulance officers, family court & domestic violence lawyers, child protection workers & teachers as some examples.


What does this session include?

The more we know about a problem the more we are able to develop tools & strategies that are more successful in preventing the problems. I realised a long time ago that there was a lack of attention being paid in this area, I heard a lot about burn-out, self-care & vicarious trauma etc but never with any detail & usually in an off handed ‘go & take care of yourself’ or ‘be mindful of vicarious trauma’ kind of way.


You will learn about Compassion fatigue, Vicarious trauma, secondary & primary trauma stress, Moral distress & burn-out.


Our session will start by examining these terms & their meanings & then do an activity to ensure a true understanding.


Then we will look into some self awareness & development strategies that may assist you in determining how best to take care of yourself & build resilience to these professional hazards, and they ARE workplace hazards & there is a good chance each of you/us will experience one of more of these in our career.


Toward the end of our session we will begin discussions of self-care plans, the best ways to ensure you have a robust one & how to incorporate the new knowledge about the types of challenges we face around wellbeing in our profession, the outcomes of your surveys & activities, how these link with building resilience & a strategic plan.


** This program comes with self-care closed group membership for all attendees to continue sharing ideas & supporting each other in a meaningful way. I will continue to share strategies & evidence along with special peer supervision opportunities in this group.


(There wil be a self-care planning workshop to come later in 2024 as an addition to this program & another chance to take time out, be accountable & show up for yourselves).

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